Monday, December 15, 2008

My awesome Fleur-de-lys fuzzy pants

So Jo-anns had a Black Friday sale that just couldn't be beat. Polar fleece was $2.99 a yard, even the patterned stuff, plus you got 20% off your entire purchase.

I originally went to get stuff for making christmas presents, but then I saw this fabric and did the math, realizing that I could have a pair of polar fleece pants for $3.60.

Hells YEAH.

I whipped these up using Simplicity pattern 3640. It took about 2 hours; or rather, it would have taken 2 hours if I'd worked at it straight, and the internet didn't keep distracting me. As it was, it took about 2 days to finish :-\

BUT... now I have awesome fuzzy pants.

The awesome fuzzy pants.

A close up of the fabric.

They are SOOOOOO comfy, I wish I had bought more polar fleece to make more pants. Especially since now it's in the 20s, and will certainly be even colder when I get back to school.

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